Owners and Investors

One of the key incentives for property owners to use Blue Sky Holiday Group services is that we deliver increased returns while reducing fees and charges. We specialize in managing holiday rental properties as an alternative from onsite managers or corporate management groups.

Many owners do not realise that there is an alternative holiday letting service available to them and how easy it is to achieve excellent results. Our team is very professional in managing holiday investment properties and strives on making higher returns than the holiday market industry average.

We take great pride in nurturing your investment property and are committed to delivering positive results. Blue Sky Holiday Group is seeking more properties to add to our accommodation portfolio to meet the demand of accommodation enquiries that we receive.

We welcome any questions you may have in relation to our holiday letting services. Also if you are interested in purchasing a holiday investment property please contact our office on +61 7 5575 5096 or via email info@blueskyholidays.net.au